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About Student Union Activities

What is SUA?

Student Union Activities (SUA) is one of KU’s largest student organizations. SUA has planned or “programmed” events for the entire Jayhawk community to enjoy for over 85 years. 

What kind of events?

SUA events include concerts, comedians, day-time crafts, game tournaments, trivia nights, watch parties, cultural celebrations, speakers, and more. Our main committees focus on day-time events in the Kansas Union, late night events at The Studio on Daisy Hill, curate the Kansas Union Gallery, and plan concerts or comedians both on and off campus, often times in collaboration with The Lied Center of Kansas. And of course, our most famous event is Tea at Three, which is as simple as free tea and cookies every Thursday at 3pm in the Kansas Union, a tradition we have hosted at KU for over two decades.

Who is in SUA?

Events are chosen, planned, and carried out completely by KU students. Anyone is welcome to join our student group by simply going to and telling us more about yourself. Our students manage budgets, create marketing plans, negotiate offer letters and contracts, manage volunteers, assess our events, and get real-world experience. You can get involved as a simple event volunteer or help hands-on with the planning process.

What are the responsibilities and benefits for being an SUA committee member?

First and foremost, SUA committee members have a lot of fun! From potentially meeting celebrities to interacting with new people on campus, SUA is focused on enhancing the KU experience. Students involved in SUA develop professional, leadership, and life skills applicable to many careers.  From managing a budget, to creating promotional material, to seeing a programming idea through to the end, all these skills can be applied outside of SUA in the community, the work place, or daily life. Plus SUA is a large family with our own game nights, ice cream nights, and laughs over lunch. On-going membership requires 2 hours a week in our office on level 4 of the Kansas Union and attendance at a bi-weekly full membership meeting. Learn more about the requirements at

What is SUA’s mission?

SUA’s mission is to seek to enrich the college experience by providing diverse, interactive, and educational programming and leadership opportunities for the KU community.  SUA strives to uphold its mission through every event it brings to the KU campus.

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Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.