By Leslie Alva

Do you enjoy singing in the shower? Making your own one person show? Well give your roommate a break and come on over to the the Traditions Area, Kansas Union, Level 4 to show us what you got TONIGHT at 9! There will be free food and plenty of people there to cheer you on while you have the greatest show of your lifetime.



If grumpy cat can make it, so can you! So I will see you all this Thursday at 9pm at the Union.


The performance starts with the strut.


It may be scary at first, but once you go up, you are a STAR.


So do not be afraid that you can’t sing like Beyoncé! Not everyone can be as flawless as she is.


And if you are still in need of some inspiration, check these videos out:

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By Lauren Peterson

Today is a special day! Why? Because it is our first Song of the Week! Every Wednesday, I, Lauren Peterson of Live Music, will be posting a song that I believe your precious ears should be blessed with. Our song for this week will take you back to your days of angst and acne. That’s right: middle school.

Panic! At the Disco – Death of a Bachelor

Ah, so many fond memories of wearing skinny jeans and neon colored shirts in an attempt to look like all the cool scene/alternative kids you gawked at in J14.

Panic! At the Disco was one source of pre-teen angst. Whether your world was falling apart because your girlfriend/boyfriend broke up with you or you just found their songs catchy, Panic! At the Disco was there to help you through it all.

With the release of Death of A Bachelor, Brandon Urie’s golden voice has plucked at our heartstrings (especially mine) again. You can jam to this song in so many ways. Need to put in some serious reps in at the Rec? This song will help. Cruising down I-70 or Massachusetts Street? This song. Want to serenade that special someone in ways they have never felt before? Bingo, you guessed it! THIS SONG. Basically, this song is amazing and at least deserves three minutes of your time. You will love it— I promise.

Well that’s it for the Song of the Week! Don’t forget to check out all the sweet events we have going on this week with SUA! May the teen angst be with you.

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By Kate Baier

What did the piece of Cheddar say to the ghost? I’m Lac-ghost intolerant. 

TOMORROW, we will be hosting a cheese tasting event! If you love cheese as much as I do, come to the Traditions Area, Kansas Union, Level 4 from 12 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.! We will have cheese from around the world.

Hey, we’re college students. The only time we get our cheese fix is in mac & cheese, quesadillas, and on sandwiches. If you want to fix that, here are some simple cheese recipes you can make in your dorm room!

1. “Instant” mac & cheese in a mug


So simple and easy, this recipe is perfect for every cheese lover, no matter is you live in a dorm room or apartment! Find the recipe here:

2. Baked ham & cheese roll ups


Ah yes, the infamous tasty recipe is now at your disposal! Find the recipe here:

3. Ironing board grilled cheese


The best part about this recipe is that you can finally use the iron that has been sitting in your cabinet since you moved in. Find the recipe here:

4. Goat cheese, honey & fruit crostini


*heart eye emoji* Impress all your friends with this simple but ~*FaNcY*~ recipe! find the recipe here:

5. NINE gourmet grilled cheese


Grilled cheese like you’ve never seen it before! Find the recipes here:

6. Microwave pizza


This is life changing. Find the recipe here:

7. Easy cheese bomb bread


I’m drooling. Find the recipe here:

8. Microwave cheesecake


YAASSSSSS. Find the recipe here:


Hope to see you on tomorrow!

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By Lauren Peterson

Mark your calendars for March 8— The Roseline will be here for a FREE show! The Roseline is a local Lawrence band that will be performing at the Lied Center Pavilion at 8pm. To get everyone pumped for this event, I have gathered 10 bands/artists that The Roseline have said influenced their amazing indie rock/ folk sound. No doubt these amazing foot-tapping artists will get you excited to see The Roseline!


1. Wilco

One of my personal favorites as well.


2.The Rolling Stones

Can you say throwback?


3. Dolly Parton


4. Johnny Cash

My dad would be so happy…he really likes Johnny Cash.


5. Elliot Smith


6. Chet Baker

Listen to that smooth as silk jazz.


7. The Slackers


8. Tom Petty

Don’t lie and say you’ve never belted this out in a car.


9. Fleetwood Mac


10. Ryan Adams

And yes he is that awesome artist that covered all of Taylor Swift’s 1989 album that you can listen to on Spotify.


Want to hear the actual band? Check out their website!

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By Tyler Crabtree

With Tourney Tuesday: Throwback Video Games happening tomorrow, we decided to compile a countdown of our favorite video games from the past!

10) NBA Jam

Because dunking on your friend and yelling “BOOMSHAKALAKA” never felt so good.


9) Spyro

Who doesn’t love this little guy’s fiery personality? Yes, dad jokes are accepted here.


8) Crash Bandicoot

A cartoon version of Indiana Jones that has had a few too many Red Bulls? Sign me up!

crash bandicoot

7) Golden Eye 007

This game inspired a generation of wannabe spies.

golden eye 007

6) Super Mario Kart

Because nothing is more frightful than being in first place on the last lap and hearing explosions behind you.

mario cart

5) Donkey Kong

Who knew that smashing barrels and collecting bananas could be so fun?

donkey kong

4) The Legend of Zelda

Timeless. It even has devoted fans that name their children after characters from the game.


3) Super Mario

A modern-day knight-in-shining…overalls?


2) Sonic the Hedgehog

As Jarrod Dyson would say, “That’s what speed do.”

sonic the hedgehog

1) Super Smash Bros.

The bonafide best way to settle any dispute. Also quicker than traditional conflict resolution strategies.

super smash bros



Did we miss any of your old favorites? Comment which ones below! Also, don’t forget to check otu Tourney Tuesday: Throwback Video Games at 6 p.m. in The Jay, Kansas Union, Level 1!

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By Aubrie Wauhob

With the upcoming Way Back Wednesday event on Wednesday, February 17, 2016 from 3 p.m. – 5 p.m., below are 22 pictures that will take you back to your childhood and inspire you as you journey back to the 90’s at the event!

1. ) Art set…I’m surprised we all didn’t turn out to be Pablo Picasso.

Art Set

2.) Animal-shaped bead key chains…and when it fell off your backpack, it was a sad day.

Bead Key Chains

3.) Betty Spaghetti…what even was this toy?

Betty Spaghetti

4.) Plastic bingo chips…stacking them up to create different colors and then seeing who could make the highest stack.

Bingo Chips

5.) Bug Juice…and then the off-brands were made and they never lived up to it.

Bug Juice

6.) Candy necklaces…who are we kidding? We still eat them!

Candy Necklaces

7.) Cats in the Cradle…but honestly, who could make the Eiffel Tower?

Cats in the Cradle

8.) This kid jumping…an amazing Disney movie is about to hit the screen.

Disney Movie


9.) Robot dog…when our parents bought us this instead of an actual puppy.

Dog Robot


10.) Easy Bake Oven…the best tasting mini-cake to be made from a powder packet and water.

Easy Bake Oven

11.) Floam…the most intriguing material for about three seconds.



12.) MASH…because this game accurately predicted our future.


13.) Popsicle stick crafts…endless houses and bird feeders were made.

Popsicle Stick Crafts14.) This “S”…that we drew on everything whenever an “S” was needed.

S drawing on EVERYTHING15.) Scooter boards…the easiest way to have your fingers pinched off in elementary gym class.

Scooter Board

16.) Skip It…when you couldn’t hula hoop, so you played with this instead.

Skip It


17.) Slap braclets…because this was a good idea?



18.) Stamp markers…stamps everywhere! Does this page need a stamp? Yes! Does this picture need a stamp? Yes! Does this wall need a stamp mural? Yes!

Stamp Markers

19.) Let’s Go Fishin’…the sharpest, plastic teeth to any toy we ever owned.

The Fishing Game

20.) VHS tapes…of all of the best movies!



21.) View Master…having to get just enough light so you could see the pictures.


View Master

22.) Last but not least, we’ve saved the scariest one for last: Furby…they would turn on by themselves in the middle of the night and scare every child owner.


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By Keonya Jackson

With Cultural Crafts being an annual event for the Cultural Programming Committee, I thought it would be interesting to reflect on a past craft and research its cultural significance. Last year, Cultural Programming decided to make Guatemalan worry dolls, or trouble dolls. It was a super cool craft and in the Kansas Union.

There were all kinds of fabrics to make these little dolls out of, and yarn for the hair, or belts. The dolls were only about a inch tall so several people made a lot of these tiny dolls. The project allowed endless creativity; however, the really fun part about the worry dolls is the meaning behind them.

The dolls are traditionally made in Guatemala. When a child can’t sleep, because of worries or troubles, they will tell them to the doll and place them under their pillow. The idea is that the doll takes on these worries so that the child can sleep peacefully. Children often believe they are magical, and sometimes the parents will take the doll away at night to further reinforce the elimination of their child’s troubles.

Some places use these Guatemalan worry dolls as a psychological treatment. Studies have even been done on this practice and found that verbalizing things you are worried about will help wash your worries away.

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By Kailey Horosz

Although many may know that Halloween was originally called All Hallows Eve, they might not know exactly where it originated and how it came to be so popular in the United States.

Originally, the holiday was part of an ancient Celtic festival known as Samhain which was to celebrate the end of the harvest season in the area currently known as Ireland, the United Kingdom, and northern France. The belief was that the barrier between the world of the living and the dead would overlap and the deceased would come back to life causing damage to crops, sickness, and creating havoc for the Celtic people. However, in the nineteenth century Irish and Scottish immigrants brought the traditions of the holiday to North America.

Costumes were used to try to appease the evil spirits in Celtic culture. However costumes later became part of the Middle Ages when the practice of “souling” was in place in Europe, poor people would go door to door asking for food in return for prayers for the deceased. However, as this tradition came to the United States, it became a fun way for children to dress up as their favorite characters from that year.

Over the past years, Halloween has evolved and become a night of trick or treating and spending time with friends and family. As the popularity of this holiday increases and becomes more global other countries have increased their participation including, Canada and the United Kingdom.

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By Jeemin Kim

Lots of us are getting excited for the holidays whether it be Christmas, Hanukkah, or…Bodhi Day.

Bodhi Day, December 8th, is a Buddhist holiday that celebrates the enlightenment of Siddhartha Gautama, the historical Buddha. (Fun fact: bodhi in Sanskrit actually means enlightenment!) How the Buddha attained enlightenment varies from sect to sect, but many say  that the Buddha achieved enlightenment by entering deeper and deeper states of meditation while sitting under a tree over the course of 49 days.

Bodhi Day is observed in many Mahayana (one of three different branches of Buddhism) traditions including the traditional Zen Buddhist schools of China, Korea, Japan, and Vietnam. Japanese Zen Buddhists typically call Bodhi day rohatsu.

Buddhists celebrate Bodhi Day in different ways, with many choosing to commemorate the event through additional meditation, studying of the Dharma, or chanting Buddhist texts (sutras). Some Buddhists celebrate with a traditional meal of tea, cake, and readings. Many perform kind acts to others to celebrate Buddha’s enlightenment.

Whether or not you are a Buddhist, spread some holiday cheer by performing a kind act this Bodhi Day on Monday, December 8th.

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By David Wiesner

Everyone has that one dessert they learned how to make from their grandparents. It is always made for every holiday because it reminds everyone of all of the good times they have with their family. This dessert is one that I learned how to make from my own grandmother, and it’s a holiday tradition for our family! We call this recipe Jell-O Salad, but you can call it whatever you want!

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 3.59.15 PM


1 Ib. Cottage Cheese

1 box (3 ounces) of Strawberry Jell-O Mix

1 container of Cool-Whip

1 can of crush pineapple



  1. Mix all of the ingredients together in one bowl.
  2. Put in the refrigerator for about 2 hours, and let it chill
  3. When ready to eat, take out, and serve

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