The success of this policy relies on the thoughtfulness, consideration, and cooperation of each individual. All members of the University community share the responsibility of adhering to and enforcing this policy and have the responsibility for bringing it to the attention of visitors. Individuals are encouraged and empowered to respectfully inform others about this policy in an ongoing effort to minimize risks and encourage a culture of respectful cooperation. All faculty, staff, students, affiliates, visitors, vendors, and volunteers are expected to cooperate and adhere to this policy. Violations of this policy by faculty, staff, affiliates, vendors, and visitors should be reported to Human Resource Management. Violations of this policy by students should be reported to Student Affairs.

SUA continues to reference the most updated policies and procedures outlined in the Protect KU plan in developing our own event plans. All events have been approved by the University Public Health Committee. We are implementing the following procedures and policies to do our part to keep campus safe while offering an engaging on-campus experience to support and build community. 


In most cases, event attendance will be limited to less than 45 students to adhere to county regulations against mass gatherings. When we anticipate an event will be larger than 45 people, we will make every effort to extend event dates and times to spread the gathering of people or set up the space to maximize distancing. 

We request attendees reserve a space at all events through our ticketing site to allow us to properly prepare the space and supplies to accommodate everyone. Reservations will open two weeks prior to any event. 

If you are currently a remote student or feel unsafe attending in-person events, please reach out to studentunionactivites@gmail.com and we will do our best to facilitate a way for you to participate. 


All faculty, staff, students, affiliates, visitors, vendors, and volunteers must wear a face covering (cloth face covering, surgical mask, etc.) over one’s mouth and nose when in common areas of a campus building and when within six (6) feet of another individual(s) anywhere on campus.  

Wearing a mask is an effective safety measure. 

At this time in Kansas everyone over the age of two is expected to wear a mask in public spaces including in many kinds of privately held businesses. Research data show that masks reduce spread of contagion, so everyone on campus will be required to wear one. We are committed to taking measures to reduce the risk to the health of KU employees, students and partners, especially those who are immune-compromised.  

Masks must be worn at all times at in-person SUA events. SUA volunteers will be masked at all events. 


All in-person indoor events will take place in the Kansas Memorial Union. The Union is taking every effort to thoroughly clean and disinfect their spaces as well as enforce proper distancing and masking policies. Please review specifics on their website here

Additionally, we will offer hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies at all events to clean periodically throughout an event and at any point of attendee turnover. All craft and making supplies have been prepackaged to avoid contamination risks associated with the sharing of materials and containers. 


Potluck, self-serve, or buffet style food service will be prohibited due to increased risk of disease transmission from shared utensils. All food preparation and handling will be managed by KU Catering. Please visit their website here for details on their process.