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Cupcake Fun

Submitted by Kimberlee Hinkle, Assistant Coordinator for Online Media.

New to SUA this semester is the Culinary Committee, dedicated to bringing you all things (you guessed it) culinary. Some responsibilities for the committee include Grocery Bingos, the annual Student Recipe Contest and other food preparation contests, international food exhibits, partnerships with KU dining centers, demonstrations, and more. They’ve even started a recipe blog for students, which you can find here.

Culinary’s next upcoming event is a Cupcake Decorating Contest during Tea at Three on Oct. 20. Inspired by this great event (and my sweet tooth), I decided to whip up something delectable. And by delectable, I, of course, mean Funfetti cupcakes. Because really, who doesn’t love Funfetti?

I know pictures aren’t as good as the real deal, but I hope you enjoy! Make sure to come out on October 20 and put my cupcake decorating skills to shame! Check out all the event info here.









The starting point (very difficult process, as you can tell).










Mixing it all up.










The finished product! They don’t look like much, but they really tasted good!


Charmed by Donald Glover

Submitted by Kimberlee Hinkle, Assistant Coordinator for Online Media

To be 100% honest, I had never heard of Donald Glover until about four weeks ago. I had no idea who the guy was, where he came from, or why everyone was so excited that we were bringing him. So, I did what any 20 year old with a curious mind and internet access would do … a quick Google and Youtube search. Here’s what I found out, they guy is hilarious! He is well known for his character, Troy Barnes, on NBC’s Community, as well as his stand-up and growing music career (under his pseudonym Childish Gambino).

Donald Glover performed his stand up performance for KU students at the Lied Center on September 24, and did not let me down. His show was filled with his thoughts on children, racism, sex, as well as humorous anecdotes about his childhood and growing up with foster kids moving in and out of his home. Following this, Glover came back out on stage and answered several questions from audience members.

The show was absolutely hysterical and I found myself literally laughing out loud on more than one occasion. After the show, the event staff had a reception with Donald Glover, and I was surprised to find out that he genuinely was interested in what we were doing as well as what we had to say. He was equally charismatic off the stage as he was on, and met with SUA Alum, faculty, and student volunteers. After signing a few autographs, he was open to chat with everyone about his famous friends, Tina Fey and Chevy Chase, and intrigued to hear about day to day life of a student in Kansas. All in all, the show, as well as the comedian, was absolutely amazing; and after witnessing it, I am so excited to see the next comedian SUA has lined up: Josh Blue on October 19.

Also, I’m very proud to say that I now watch Community religiously. You should too, it’s awfully comical!