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Why You Should Go To Grocery Bingo

  1. Free Food – What college student doesn’t love free food? At Grocery Bingo you can restock on all your favorite snack foods without spending a dime!
  2. You get to play Bingo – Need I say more? There’s nothing like a competitive game of bingo to de-stress in the middle of your school week and take the edge off!                                                                      
  3. Spending time with friends – You can invite all your closest friends to join you as you compete to win the best food! Your night will be full of laughter and the satisfaction of shouting “BINGO!” after you finally fill in that last square on your card.
  4. Free fun! – Come to Grocery Bingo on Wednesday this Wednesday in Hashinger Hall at 7PM and finish your day on a good note!



Dance With Me: Capoeira

A martial art utilizing acrobatics, dance, and rhythm. Sometimes referred to as Dance Fight Club, Capoeira is played and not a fight, but may be used as self-defense in certain situations. A match is similar to a conversation, with each player contributing their own unique dialogue. Originating as a game in the 16th century, it was a way for slaves in Brazil to enjoy themselves. Portuguese immigrants took the slaves from Africa to work in colonizing Brazil. The martial art was banned by the Portuguese colonists out of fear of the slaves uprising and starting a rebellion. Slaves used it as a way to practice fending for themselves in the volatile Brazilian climate. Home to many creatures in the jungle, slaves escaping the colonists did not mean the end of their danger. It wasn’t until the 1900s that Capoeira was able to be practiced openly.

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