Leadership Applications

Student Union Activities currently has open applications for all its leadership positions.

If you are interested in an executive position with SUA, applications are due by 11:59 PM on November 2nd, 2017. If contacted for an interview, interviews will take place on Monday, November 6.

If you are interested in a coordinator or assistant coordinator position with SUA, 11:59 PM on November 9th, 2017. If contacted for an interview, interviews will be on either Saturday, November 11 or Sunday, November 12th depending on availability of new Executive leadership.

SUA student leaders have planned events at KU for 80 years. From concerts such as Chance the Rapper and HAIM, comedians like Nick Offerman and production events like  SUA Campus Carnival, SUA maintains a long tradition of keeping the KU student body interested and engaged in a variety of entertaining and educational events.

SUA’s mission is to enrich the college experience by providing diverse, interactive and educational programming and leadership opportunities for the KU community. As a student leader in SUA, you have the opportunity to not only program events that affect the entire student body, but also have the opportunity to develop skills you can use after you have left KU.


To read committee descriptions click here.

To read position requirements click here.


To apply for an Executive position click here.

To apply for a Coordinator or Assistant Coordinator position click here.

(Union Programs reserves the right to check accuracy on all submitted information.)

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