Written by Taylor Tompkins.

“I knew this was a horrible indication that I was in deep psychological trouble. The agony of the night before slept right beside me the whole night. It was awake before I was, waiting to greet me” (page 19)

It is reported that 350 million people worldwide have depression, according to the World Health Organization, and celebrities are no exception. Through the pages of The Shame of Me: One Man’s journey to Depression and Back, readers are let into the experiences of a man who’s seemingly got it all.

In light of Mental Health Awareness month, SUA Book Club is discussing American sportscaster Ryan Lefebvre’s story. We will discuss how depression can accumulate through the years and how this disorder can impose a barrier in every aspect of life. A major aspect of Lefebvre’s book covers what caused his depression and how it all started. He credits most of it to his childhood and the toxic environments that he grew up in. In his words, this is what “opened the wound.”

His book also takes us through how Lefebvre finally made it to the end of the dark tunnel. Getting help from a therapist and developing a new outlook on life ultimately helps him with his depression today.

Come experience his journey with SUA’s book club Monday night at 6-8pm in the Kansas Union Crossroads room. We will have snacks!

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